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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


RE: "Unsustainable" compensation and pension plans for public parasites (i.e. government employees):

I laugh hysterically when I hear a hypocritical public parasite, (many of whom are double-dippers raking in nearly $500,000 per year in combined salary and pension payments), say that their compensation and pension plans are "unsustainable," but these are the same public parasites who ruthlessly "negotiated" for these "unsustainable" compensation and pension plans and who also cry like petulant children when the taxpayers beg these public parasites to reform their "unsustainable" compensation and pension plans to save funds for vital public services.

Got mine!

Keeping mine!

Make the next generation pay for mine!

Don't care if the state, county, city/town is broke, PAY UP! Raise taxes! Borrow money to make pension payments!

Bring us your finest meats and cheeses!

Kiss our imported leather shoes and boots!

Wash our imported luxury vehicles!

Bow to us!


The problem will only get WORSE in the future because there are THOUSANDS of state, county, city/town public parasites who are locked into the "unsustainable" pension plans and will retire in the next 10-25 years with astronomical pensions.

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