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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Joe Paterno and his flock of sycophantic hero worshippers are Real American Scumbags.

If Joe Paterno was a Real Leader and a Real Man, he would have released the following statement:

I am the Commander of this program. I am responsible for the command and control of this program. Regardless of who is directly or indirectly responsible for the acts that caused the failure of the program, because I am the Commander of the program and the program failed on my watch, I am fully responsible for the failure of the program. Accordingly, I immediately resign with disgrace.

Instead, holier-than-thou "Joe Pa" arrogantly dictated the terms of his retirement (and told Penn State officials to go screw themselves) so that Joe Pa may blissfully sail off into the sunset.

Worse, approximately 1,500 of Joe Pa’s flock of sycophantic hero worshippers staged an impromptu rally in support of Joe Pa.

Once again, the victims, the child victims, have been abused and ignored.

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