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Saturday, October 29, 2011



"California’s Budget Director Matosantos Is Arrested for DUI"
By Michael B. Marois
Business Week
October 28, 2011

Facts (see news article cited directly above):

  • Ana Matosantos (age 36), who is California Governor Jerry Brown’s budget director, was arrested for driving under the influence. 
  • The arrest came hours after Matosantos helped Governor Brown unveil a plan to revamp the costs of public-employee pensions in California. 
  • Matosantos offered her resignation, but Governor Brown rejected it. 
  • Matosantos reported to work this morning. 
  • At the time of Matosantos's appointment in 2009, then-Governor Schwarzenegger’s office said her salary was $175,000 a year. 
  • Matosantos and her staff draft the budget for the State of California, which is the most populous U.S. state.

Excerpt (see news article cited directly above):

  • In a statement provided by a spokesman for the Finance Department, Matosantos said: “My decision to drive last night was reckless and irresponsible.”


  • Yet another untouchable and unaccountable politically-appointed brat is not punished for their misconduct. 
  • Most employers will not even interview a candidate who has been arrested for a DUI.

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